Expert Witness Services

Pat McElroy has testified as a banking expert in jurisdictions throughout the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition to his 40+ years of experience in banking as a regulator, banker, and consultant, he has a unique ability to communicate with juries and explain complicated banking procedures and concepts in simple terms. Mr. McElroy has been qualified as a banking expert in State, Federal, and Bankruptcy courts. He is courtroom seasoned and has high-profile case experience, having testified in one of the highly publicized Whitewater trials in Arkansas in 1996. McElroy’s cases have been split approximately 50/50 between plaintiff and defense and between bank and non-bank clients.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial Banking, Financial Institutions:

  • Lending Issues
    • Underwriting
    • Loan documentation
    • Loan policies and procedures
    • Consumer compliance
    • Lender liability
  • Deposit and Operations Issues
    • Checking and deposit procedures
    • Check kiting
    • Forgeries
    • Teller procedures
    • Ordinary Care
    • Consumer compliance
  • Other Banking Issues
    • Bank Secrecy Act/Anti Money Laundering
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Fidelity bond claims
    • Industry standards
    • Director and officer liability
    • Fraud
    • Embezzlement